Student Led Workshops

13:10 -13:50

Student Led Panel Discussion

15:10 – 16:00


15:10 – 16:00

Shanghai American School (SAS)

Social Justice Club Q&A

Students advocating for social justice in schools


13:10 – 13:50

Hosted by students from:

Western Academy of Beijing

International School Bangkok 

Dulwich College Shanghai 

Community Garden Project

How Grade 6 students took a leading role in developing interdisciplinary learning, and the development of the student garden.

PRESENTERS from Grade 6 at Western Academy of Beijing

How to Conference

Students share how they organised an international school conference at ISB. This session will help get the student perspective on how adults can support and coach students when they undertake such a huge project with so many moving pieces.

PRESENTERS from Grade 10 & 11 at International School Bangkok



Motivating the Unmotivated

A deep dive into assessments, motivation and experience-over-grade mindset, through data and student stories. Leave this workshop with a toolkit of ideas on how to fully engage your students.

PRESENTERS from the High School at Western Academy of Beijing

OneVoice: Embracing Diversity

Come to this student run workshop that shares tried and tested activities that you can work on with your students to embrace the Diversity within your communities. Elena and Shu Yong will take you through some workshop resources that were used successfully at Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong’s One Voice Summit – a student run conference that aims to inspire meaningful action and positive change in our schools.

PRESENTERS from Grade 12 at Dulwich College Shanghai


How to Start an Organisation as a Youth

Vienna wrote a 10-step manual on starting and growing a socially-active organisation while still being a student. Her workshop aims to target all ages and help teachers with a framework that has been tried and tested. Her tips for enhacement and expansion and how students can develop their ideas is the focus.

PRESENTER from Grade 12 at International School Bangkok


"It's just a phase," and other things you shouldn't say to your students

Want to make your LGBTQ+ students feel more welcome and included in class but don’t know where to start? Join us to learn about strategies and resources you can use in the classroom! We will explore topics such as gender, pronouns, LGBTQ+ representation, and more!

PRESENTERS from the High School Spectrum Group at Western Academy of Beijing

Passing the Baton and Building a Sustainable Legacy

Tech Ambassadors: Passing the Baton and Building a Sustainable Legacy 

PRESENTERS from Grade 12 at Dulwich College Shanghai


Approaching Current Topics with Systems Thinking

A systems thinking approach to understanding and overcoming discrimition around current topics.

PRESENTERS from Grade 9 at Western Academy of Beijing

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