Coaching through Collaboration

Coaching through Collaboration

As educators, we are always striving to improve our students’ experience and we know we don’t get very far without help from our peers. As more schools recognize this, administrators are increasingly adding instructional coaches and/or adding coaching responsibilities to team leaders. 

Working on a team or with a coach takes on many different forms, from informal conversations to full coaching and observation cycles. In this session we will focus on collaborative structures and practices that give educators agency and responsibility, and can be embedded into current structures.

Session Audience:

Instructional coaches, teachers, team leaders

Session Goals:

  • Share and learn what collaborative structures work (and which don’t)
  • Gain and apply understanding of how adults learn to own experiences
  • Discuss and compare collaborative coaching strategies

Session Outcomes:

Participants will have a selection of strategies to use in formal or informal coaching conversations that allow for all members to have voice and responsibility for the work.

Presenter Bio:

Jessica is a teacher and PLC coach who loves learning from and connecting with people. This passion and curiosity is what brought her overseas, first to South America and now to Singapore. Originally from Canada and  born to parents who immigrated from the West Indies, Jessica recognizes that who she has become is a product of all the people she’s had the opportunity to learn from.