Deep Learning: Teacher Self-Reflection and Next Steps

Deep Learning: Teacher Self-Reflection and Next Steps

Participants will explore how to leverage the conditions to disrupt disengaged compliance, stimulate innovative inquiry, and change up the narrative of “doing school”  to make deep learners of us all.

Together, we will work through 3 protocols to reflect on our own practice, take action in an area we wish to grow as deep learning teachers, and consider how we might coach our teams to reflect on and strengthen the deep learning within the team.

Session Audience:

This session is intended for teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators who are looking for tools for meaningful, reflective conversations with teachers.

Session Goals/Outcomes:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to practice a reflective mindset toward themselves as learners and learning leaders.
  • Participants will use their understanding of their strengths and areas for growth to consider actions and practices that might ignite deep learning in their classroom.
  • Participants will be able to share the message of self- and team-reflection in their schools that may shift to a more intentional deep learning culture.

Presenter Bio:

Ginny has been in international education since 2001. She began her adventures teaching middle school in Beirut, where she first became a grade-level leader. Along her way east, she has served as a teacher of grades 5-12, team/grade level leader, and a coordinator/director of assessment, accreditation, and professional learning in Saudi Arabia, Seoul, and Tokyo. In 2022, Ginny will transition to Africa to serve as the Director of Teaching and Learning at the International School of Kenya. Ginny earned her Doctorate in Education in 2020 with her research focused on successful transitions to standards-based grading and reporting in Asian expatriate high schools. She calls the Colorado mountains home and spends her summers hiking as many trails as possible.