A Village of Educators: Building Learning Communities that are Inclusive of all Learners

A Village of Educators: Building Learning Communities that are Inclusive of all Learners

The needs of our diverse learners has prompted a change from the private practice model to Learning Communities. But are we really a community? Or are we just a group of collaborators who return to our own classroom and do our own thing? Maybe it’s time to get rid of the idea of my classroom and my students and replace it with a genuine community of learners led by a village of educators. 

If you have ever wondered what a Learning Community is and how it could benefit your school, this is a great place to start. In this session, we will discuss the importance of inclusivity amongst all members of your teaching team and some strategies to raise awareness and acceptance with all stakeholders. 

This session is right for you if you want to learn how a team of teachers can meet the learning needs of all the students in a cohort and how you can build a culture of inclusivity. You will leave with a  toolkit of immediate takeaways to assist in bringing aspects of a Learning Community into your setting.

Session Audience:

Learning Communities- ECC and Elementary, Math Learning Community- Upper Elementary or MS/HS

Session Goals/Outcomes:

  • Participants will inquire into the value of a Learning Community for their school context and evaluate small steps forward. 
  • Learners will leave with strategies to involve all stakeholders in the process (teachers, learning support, EAL,TAs, specialists, etc.)
  • Participants will generate reasons why a Learning Community would benefit their school which can be shared with decision makers.

Presenter Bio:

Angela Langlands is an elementary teacher who is passionate about blazing trails in education. She has spent nearly 20 years of her career living and working overseas in Africa, the Middle and Far East asking questions, taking risks, and leading many divergent initiatives. In her current role as Grade 3 Home Base teacher at the Western Academy of Beijing, Angela has been instrumental in helping the school develop its Learning Communities model in an attempt to redefine what a “classroom” should be.